GHS Alumni Mission Statement

Founded in August 1997, Golden High School Alumni Foundation (GHSAF) is a non-profit organization whose board of directors is made up entirely of Golden High School Alumni.

This is our mission statement:

Letter from Bob Hayes

Hello Fellow Alumni and Friends of GHS,

In our 27th year, the Golden High School Alumni Foundation, Inc. continues its mission of supporting students in need. The highlight of our last year was the celebration of Golden High School's 150th anniversary on June 4th, marked by a memorable video slideshow and the participation of many alums in the GHS homecoming parade. 

Throughout the past year, we provided over $15,000 in grants and scholarships, supporting activities like Boys and Girls swimming, GHS Performing Arts, and Senior Seminar. An additional investment of $88,000 was made in a new activity bus for Senior Seminar/Rafting, school field trips, and sports events. Eight scholarships were awarded to graduating seniors.

Generous donations from the Kelley family and the Golden Civic Foundation enabled us to enhance the track and football field with new bleachers, essential equipment, and storage sheds.

As we look ahead, we are excited about another year of supporting Golden High School students and contributing to the excellence that defines our school. Your continued support and tax-deduction eligible donations are greatly appreciated.

Our mission is to assist as many students as possible. Please take a moment to send in your Tax-Deductible eligible donation. Know that nearly 100% of the money raised goes directly to GHS students. Our board is all volunteer, so your donation really helps kids. Thanks so much!

Bob Hayes

President GHS Alumni Foundation, Inc.
Teacher for 38 years at Golden High
Basketball Coach
Alum -- Class of 1967

2021-2022 GHSAF Board of Directors

Bob Hayes
Class of 1967

Gage Fellows
Vice President
Class of 1985

Renée Cusack
Class of 1989

Brent Grenfell
Class of 1970

Clif Cusack
Class of 1987

Golden High School Liaisons

Adam "Mitch" Mitchell
Student Liaison

Wendy Wyckoff
Counseling Center Liaison

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