GHS Alumni Mission Statement

Founded in August 1997, Golden High School Alumni Foundation (GHSAF) is a non-profit organization whose board of directors is made up entirely of Golden High School Alumni.

This is our mission statement:

  • Fund special requests for needy students.

  • Assist GHS students with academic and extracurricular activities

  • Provide incentives and opportunities for GHS students.

  • Encourage all students to participate in the GHS experience.

  • Provide financial support through scholarships for continuing education through college or trade schools located in Colorado.

  • Support Experiential Education.

Letter from Bob Hayes

Hello Fellow Alumni and Friends of GHS,

I am pleased to announce that the Foundation is starting its 19th year helping needy students participate in academic and extracurricular programs at Golden High School. We support Students in Music, Theater, Art Programs, Debate, Athletics, Dance Team, AP Exams, Engineering Competitions and of course our two experiential programs - Senior Seminar and Junior Rafting. Over the last few years, we gave nearly $50,000.00 to students to participate in the many programs at GHS as well as performance based scholarships to help students get started in college. We are all very proud of what we have done in the past thanks to your help and generous donations.

This year, we want to help more students at GHS. You can help us by taking a moment to send in your Tax-Deductible donation. Please know that almost all of the money raised goes directly to students. Stamps, paper and some printing are our only outside costs. There are no paid positions. Your money really helps kids. Please learn about the services we provide to connect you and your classmates: Reunions, Alumni Directory, Replacement Yearbooks, etc...

Foundation Membership is only $25/ year - the cost to go to a movie with a friend. We need everyone's help!! Getting the annual budget back up to $25,000 is our goal. We want to help all kids participate in the many great programs at Golden High. Partly because of the Foundation and some dedicated teachers, Senior Seminar and the Junior Raft Trip remain two of the great experiences that are unique for students at Golden High. Please make your Tax-Deductible contribution today. Thanks so much.

Bob Hayes

President GHS Alumni Foundation, Inc.
Teacher for 38 years at Golden High
Basketball Coach
Alum -- Class of 1967

2020-2021 GHSAF Board of Directors

Bob Hayes
Class of 1967

Gage Fellows
Vice President
Class of 1985

Ken Brunel
Class of 1985

Clif Cusack
Class of 1987

Renée Cusack
Class of 1989

Golden High School Liaisons

Adam "Mitch" Mitchell
Student Liaison

Wendy Wyckoff
Counseling Center Liaison

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